• Are you swamped with church work, looking for help to keep things going smoothly?
  • Is your staff stretched to the max, unable to add even one more task?
  • Do you wish that you could put your church’s best foot forward for prospective members, but haven’t the time to even consider taking on the task?

Help is on the way!

For over 15 years we have been working with churches to keep their websites current and inviting, with no additional work for the staff. We will work with your current website – posting news, schedules, bulletins, funerals, updates and more – freeing up you and your staff from tedious tech tasks. 

What an updated and appealing web presence can do:

  • Serve as a trustworthy resource for parishioners to consult to keep abreast of news, events and other church information. 
  • Entice “church shoppers” to come in person to visit your vibrant, active community. 
  • Include the home bound more fully in parish life through photos, news, and interactive features. 

Sounds like work? 🤔

Nope! Less work for you and your staff, and more benefit for your parish – for less than you would pay an in-house employee for the extra hours. We will take care of your website – everything from:

  • Adding weekly bulletins and updates
  • Posting top news stories on your home page
  • Building photo galleries and slideshows to feature your community
  • Creating QR codes when needed for easy access and posting
  • Updating online calendars and schedules to keep them current 

Fulfilling your website needs … and wish lists!

And you can be as involved – or uninvolved – as you wish. While we are available by email, phone, Fax, Zoom, and snail mail (yes – we still receive snail mail!), many parishes have automated communications, such as:

  • Including our email address in CCs to their liturgical ministers, so that we automatically receive schedules for posting
  • Consider us to be a member of the ministry of consolation, so that we receive and can post notices about upcoming funerals (which has led to an increase in the attendance for funerals, a great source of comfort to the bereaved)
  • Forward your weekly bulletin our way when sending it to the printer. Or let us know which printer you use, as several send bulletins directly to our office for our church clients.
  • Pass our contact information along to heads of ministries, sports organizations, religious education, and others who are granted access for posting.

Our job is to make your job easier and less time consuming, freeing you and your staff to handle God‘s work, and not tech tasks.

Sounds great – so how do we get started?

Just fill out the form below with the basic information we will need to get started – and don’t worry if some is unknown or will change in the future. Or if you would rather meet via phone or Zoom, just let me know and we’ll set a time that works for you. And before you know it, your website tasks will be behind you!

Sounds easy – but is it expensive?

If you tally up how many hours per week are devoted to updating your website – even if you are having your staff perform the bare minimum – you would be amazed how much time (in salary, as well as time away from more ministerial activities) is taken for tech input. And no doubt you’ve avoided even thinking about doing more – more events, photos, updates, and news on your website – because of the costs in both time and money. Well, for less than you would pay in-house, you can unload your web worries onto our dedicated team, who have been managing and maintaining church websites for hundreds of parishes for over 15 years. 

What Others are Saying

“Your enthusiasm and love for the work you do shows in all that you do!  Stephanie, you and your team, have been and continue to be a tremendous asset to Immaculate Conception Church, providing us with your technical expertise, creative knowledge and quick solutions to any problems we encounter.  You are a most gracious and talented lady.  Thank you so much for all that you do for us.”
Rev. Msgr. Fernando Ferrarese, Pastor, Immaculate Conception Church, Astoria
Our parish contracted with Red Penguin Web Solutions two years ago to develop a new website for us.  We were very impressed from the beginning by Stephanie’s knowledge, suggestions, and the level of service we received at a very reasonable cost.  Stephanie has been available and responsive when we have needed her, whether to tutor or train our staff, or even to solve some computer-related problems not directly related to the website.   Diane Vella, Pastoral Associate, St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church, Levittown, NY
As a pastor, I’ve used several web designers over the years. Red Penguin is by far the best. They consistently provide quick response, innovative expertise, aesthetic appeal, and availability both on line and in person. My Parish Council loves Stephanie for her knowledgeability and responsiveness.  In our rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, many new parishioners have commented how they found us on the web and were impressed with what they saw. Thank you, Red Penguin! Msgr Sean G. Ogle, OL Mt Carmel, Astoria NY

Whether your website is build on WordPress, Wix, or some other platform, we’ve seen it all, and we are ready to step in and get started. And if your website is outdated and needs to be overhauled or “tweaked,” we can take care of that as well. Whether your needs are big or small, we are here to ease your website burdens. 

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